HR Management for $95 a month!

GOAT HR is a virtual human resources management and support system for business owners, managers, and HR professionals.

We help the many owners, managers, and even HR practitioners working alone and doing it all within an organization by providing you with an HR Management Team to call. We provide you with training and support to know you’re saying the right thing or making the right choice when it comes to your employees. Our expert team will get to know you and can help you understand which laws apply to you, how to implement best practices, how to develop employee programs, and much more. We even offer live webinars to help you learn more and meet other motivated professionals! 


GOAT HR is a membership-based program. For just $95 per month, you’ll have access to a team of human resource professionals providing you with the support necessary to guide you through difficult conversations, navigate complex documentation, and free up your time so you can focus on your core business. We also provide documents and forms for your use. Don’t Google new hire paperwork when the pros can provide you with the right information!

At GOAT HR, we are passionate about providing personalized HR services that align with your broader business goals. We don’t charge you based on the size of your organization. We offer per-person memberships, enabling us to work with individuals assigned to personnel management. We are able to get to know our members, and that helps us to advise you on topics such as new hire paperwork and documentation, payroll practices, policy writing and implementation, procedures, and employee handbooks, payroll, wage claims, disciplinary actions, and much more.

Our team is experienced in human resources, organizational psychology, employment law, payroll, executive coaching, and employee benefits (among other things!), We are ready to help you address the wide range of personnel and payroll challenges businesses often face.

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