Why GOAT HR? Because we are the Greatest Of All Time HR service, of course!

GOAT HR is your virtual HR Team. For just $95 per month, you gain access to an expert Human Resources Team ready to provide you with top-notch guidance and training for all your HR (and payroll!) needs. From our home in Houston, Texas, our team helps you and your organization to reach your fullest potential, giving you the freedom to worry less about compliance and documentation and more about your core business. We pride ourselves on forging a personal relationship with our members, allowing us to help you build and promote your organizational culture. Our role as your HR team is to prevent issues by providing HR insight, training and support.

When issues do arise we’re just a call or click away, ready to work through the situation with you and help you understand how to resolve it – no guesswork required.


Our expert team is made up of professionals with backgrounds in law, human resources, organizational psychology, payroll, benefits, and beyond. When you become a member of the GOAT HR family, you benefit from the expertise of the entire team. We get to know each one of our clients to ensure that we are able to correctly align with your brand and values. We give you the right information and apply it to your context. 

We value clear communication, logical solutions, integrity, and accountability. We apply those values to everything we do so we can best support our amazing clients.

Your people are a huge asset, and our role as an HR team is to help you manage your team and your workplace. We are especially valuable to do-it-all types who are energized by burning the candle at both ends—we do it too, so we know how to help! In HR, it’s our job to help you burn more efficiently. We save you time by researching issues and interpreting documents for you, providing immediate answers to your personnel and payroll questions. Ideas about employee benefits or pay changes? Let us help you sort it out. Wondering how to handle a difficult conversation? Give us a call. Received a notice from the EEOC or DOL? It sounds scary, but we’ve seen it all. We share what we know with you so you have the tools you need to approach the situation effectively.

People are a major investment in terms of time, money, and energy, and you need HR expertise to ensure that you’re taking care of your investment. We know that it’s tempting to just Google how to deal with complicated paperwork and difficult employees, but this approach won’t help you manage your team; it isn’t even cost-effective, as you have to spend valuable time sorting through information and interpreting it based on your situation – while hoping that you found the correct answer. 


Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can save you time, money, and energy so that you can focus on what matters most – your core business!