GOAT HR provides members with a virtual Human Resources Manager and support team.

 GOAT Members Receive:

  • HR and Payroll Support via phone, chat and email
  • Live Webinars
  • On Demand Training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Customizable Documents
  • Policy Templates
  • Additional Resources

We welcome new members based anywhere in the US and will happily share our expertise nationwide! We can help you comply with federal, state and local law specific to your location. Available via phone, email, and our chat, we encourage you to reach out with all of your personnel and payroll questions.

We help you with a wide range of human resource concerns, from drafting new hire paperwork and ensuring proper identification and documentation has been reviewed to walking you through difficult conversations about terminations and disciplinary actions. We have extensive experience in providing advice relating to unemployment documentation, EEOC claims, wage and hour claims, payroll questions, wage garnishments, and records retention, and can help you draft or revise your policies and procedures, employee handbooks, and employee performance programs.


Examples of frequently asked questions (straight from GOAT members): 

  • What paperwork does a new hire need to complete? 
  • How do I respond to this unemployment claim?
  • I only have 10 employees. Do I have to pay my employees when they are out sick? 
  • My employee filed a worker’s comp claim but I don’t think he was injured at work. What do I do?
  • What is an OSHA 300 and do I need to do anything with is?
  • My employee calls in sick every Monday. What can I do? 
  • What is a reasonable accommodation for this disability?
  • How do I talk to an employee about their hygiene? It’s disrupting others. 
  • Can I fire my employee?
  • What is a competitive pay range for this new position?

While we do not provide legal or financial advice, we provide you with guidance based on legal standards and best practices and have a clear understanding of when your situation is best dealt with by an accountant, lawyer, or financial advisor. We are not afraid to refer our clients to the appropriate professionals when necessary, and our internal team of experts is always expanding. We’re your personal HR coach and manager —on speed dial.

At GOAT HR, we help you make decisions from an HR perspective. Our team will answer your call to help you talk through your business goals or issues with an HR expert in real-time, providing you with the confidence to know that you are complying with all applicable regulations and applying best practices. At GOAT HR, we’ll teach you to handle the necessary paperwork and navigate employment issues by understanding how workplace problems are typically handled by the experts. 


Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your human resources goals!